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Fuel Calculator - How Much Can The Sprinter Cargo Van Save You?

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in fuel costs over 5 years.
Sprinter 2500 Cargo Van
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in fuel costs over 5 years.
With a Sprinter Cargo Van, you’d save:
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in fuel costs over 5 years.
9.4 L/100 km*
25 mi/gal*


* Based on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standard Testing of 2014 model year Sprinter 2500 cargo van, 144″ wheelbase, standard roof, at 50% load capacity, and at highway speeds according to the standards of the "CONTROL OF EMISSIONS FROM NEW HEAVY-DUTY MOTOR VEHICLES [Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations - Part 1037]" as conducted by Mercedes-Benz in September 2013. Fuel efficiency test results determined using Government of Canada approved test methods are not available.

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