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Ever since we put the first van on the road in 1896, we've been constantly reinventing it with industry-leading innovations designed to improve efficiency, functionality, safety, and comfort. These are just a few of the leading innovations that go into our work vans.



With the most advanced powertrain available and extended maintenance intervals, nothing works more efficiently than a Mercedes-Benz.

Maintenance Intervals

Whether it’s the full-size Sprinter, or the right-size Metris, every van we make has an impressively-high maintenance interval up to 30,000 km for Sprinter and up to 25,000 km for Metris, extending the period needed between servicing so you save time and money.


Crosswind Assist22

Crosswind Assist22 helps drivers maintain control of their van in windy conditions by detecting strong wind gusts and correcting the vehicle’s course by means of automatic braking intervention.

Load-Adaptive Electronic Stability Program (ESP®)4

This dynamic handling system actively intervenes to help keep the van firmly under control and safe by automatically braking individual wheels and reducing engine power to help stabilize the vehicle if wheelspin, understeer, or oversteer is detected.


Using a radar-based system, COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST21 triggers a series of split-second actions in order to prevent rear-end collisions.

Highbeam Assist

Adjusting your high beams is no longer a concern. Highbeam Assist will automatically adjust the headlights when it senses oncoming traffic, keeping your attention on the road ahead.

Blind Spot Assist20

This unique-to-Sprinter feature can detect hidden traffic on either side of the vehicle and will visually alert the driver if the turn signal is activated. If the warning is ignored and the turn signal is activated, an audible alert is triggered, potentially preventing an accident.


After learning your driving habits, this feature detects and audibly alerts you if it senses fatigue. It can even be programmed to suit different driver’s behaviours and habits, so your experience behind the wheel is tailored to you.

Lane Keeping Assist19

Using a windshield-mounted camera that monitors lane markings, Lane Keeping Assist19 will send an audible and visible warning to the driver if the van enters another lane without a turn signal, keeping you on track.


Best-In-Class1 Payload Capacity

Thanks to its sturdy unibody design, and all-steel frame the Sprinter delivers a Best-In-Class1 Payload Capacity of up to 2,898 kg (6,390 lbs). And with up to 1,100 kg (2,425 lbs)§ of capacity, the Metris allows you to carry more than any compact work van in Canada.

Best-In-Class1 Cargo Capacity

The Sprinter fits your business perfectly by providing the highest cargo capacity in its class, giving you up to 15 m3 (530 cu ft) to haul whatever the job demands. And with up to 5.64 m3 (199.2 cu ft) of cargo volume, no compact work van in Canada has more space than the Metris.

Interior Height2

The Sprinter has the highest interior height2 in its class, giving you up to 1.98 m (77.8 in) of space so you can get through each workday painlessly.

Best-In-Class1 270-Degree Rear Door Opening

The Best-In-Class1 270-Degree Rear Door Opening on the Sprinter and Metris Cargo Van lets you swing the doors wide and out of the way, so you can load and unload whatever the job calls for.

4ETS (Electronic Traction System)

The Sprinter 4x4 features an advanced, electronically engaged 4-wheel drive system that eliminates mechanical 4x4 differential locks and provides increased traction, enhanced directional stability, and road adhesion.

Rear Tailgate Door

Available on the Metris, the rear tailgate lifts up and out of the way to help make loading and unloading in tight spaces easy.

Tight Turning Diameter

The Metris boasts one of the turning diameter radius available at 11.8. m (38.7 ft), allowing you to easily navigate narrow streets and crowded job sites.

Towing Capacity

Sometimes the job calls for even more space or equipment. And the Sprinter lets you answer that call with an impressive towing capacity of up to 3,402 kg (7,500 lbs). While the Metris’ towing capacity of up to 2,250 kg (4,960 lbs) allows you to tow more than some small pickups.


Auxiliary Heater with Timer

Severe winter cold doesn't stop you from working, and it doesn't stop the Sprinter either. With a timer-controlled Auxiliary Heater, you never have to fear start-up failure. Set this unique feature for any time and it will automatically start warming the engine’s coolant as well as the interior of the vehicle.

Control Panel

Equipped with a highly functional and easy-to-operate control panel, complete with illuminated switches, everything you need is right at your fingertips.


Through the use of six vehicle-surrounding monitors, the PARKTRONIC system alerts the operator via audible and visible warnings if the vehicle gets too close to any obstacles.

Bi-Xenon Headlights

The Sprinter’s Bi-Xenon headlights use isolated gas to create low and high beams that provide superior nighttime visibility, making your driving experience safer and easier, day or night.

Noise Dampening

Extra door seals, sound absorbers, and the ultra-quiet Turbo diesel engine9 combine to keep the sound out, and make your driving experience better.
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