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2019 Sprinter Passenger Van

Looking to carry more passengers? The new Sprinter accomplishes that in a big way with totally new seating for up to 15 people, and provides an experience every one of them will enjoy. USB-C ports can keep them connected, and the spacious rear storage area provides ample room for luggage. All the while, you’ll know that they’re protected by a level of safety only Mercedes-Benz can deliver.

Starting At $58,800*


Efficient Diesel Engine

With turbocharged power, 325 lb-ft of torque, and diesel fuel economy, The new Sprinter’s impressive 6-cylinder engine delivers power and durability in one compact package.

Active Brake Assist

This advanced system senses the likelihood of a collision with a vehicle ahead and sends both a visual and audible warning followed by initiating autonomous braking.

Seats Up to 15 People

The new Sprinter Passenger Van now offers seating for up to 15 adults.

Electric Sliding Door & Electric Sliding Step

The new Sprinter puts passengers first, even when entering and exiting the van. The Electric Sliding Door is operated by a button on the center console, the B-pillar or the key. For added protection, there’s an obstacle alert that will stop the door if resistance is detected. For added convenience, the Electric Sliding Step automatically comes out from under the body once the Sliding Door is activated.

Ample Head Room

With an interior standing height of up to 191.8 cm (75.5 in), your passengers have room to sit, stand, stretch out, and settle in.

Thermotronic Automatic Climate Control & Rear Air Conditioner Heavy-Duty

If you’d prefer a consistent temperature throughout the cabin, the Thermotronic Automatic Climate control is a dual-zone automatic air-conditioning system that provides a constant climate by taking into account exterior and interior air temperature. Interior sensors monitor and regulate the conditions automatically. This can also be combined with the high-performance air-conditioning system, which has its own refrigerant compressor condenser with a maximum cooling output of 37,500 BTU (11 kW).

2 Available Models

Passenger Van


Interior Height
Door Opening Height - Rear
Door Opening Height - Side
Step-in Height


Max Payload
Seating Capacity
Curb Weight
Fuel Tank Capacity
2500 High Roof
144" WB


75.5 in (191.8 cm)
72.7 in (184.6 cm)
71.6 in (181.8 cm)
20 in (50.8 cm)


3,265 lbs (1,481 kg)
Up to 12
5,721 lbs (2,595 kg)
24.5 gal (92.7 L)
Starting At$63,300
2500 High Roof
170" WB


75.5 in (191.8 cm)
72.7 in (184.6 cm)
71.6 in (181.8 cm)
19.5 in (49.5 cm)


3,067 lbs (1,391 kg)
Up to 15
6,096 lbs (2,765 kg)
24.5 gal (92.7 L)
Starting At$68,300

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