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Some specifications and features shown or mentioned on this site are optional and only available upon request at extra cost. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Some vehicles are shown with optional equipment available at extra cost. Some optional equipment may not be available individually and/or on all models. For current information regarding the range of models, standard features, optional equipment, and/or colours available in Canada and their pricing, please contact your nearest authorized Mercedes-Benz Vans dealer.

1 Based on a comparison of the Automotive News classification of full-size commercial vans.

2 In base configuration.

3 Only popular packages are shown. For a full offering and pricing information, visit your local Mercedes-Benz dealership. Delayed availability. Please see your dealer for details.

4 No system, regardless of how advanced, can overcome the laws of physics or correct careless driving. Please always wear your seat belt. Performance is limited by available traction, which snow, ice and other conditions can affect. Always drive carefully, consistent with conditions. Best performance in snow is obtained with winter tires.

5 Read Operator's Manual before towing. In some provinces, aftermarket trailer brakes are required. See dealer for details.

6 Braking effectiveness also depends on proper brake system maintenance, and tire and road conditions. Unsecured cargo can become hazardous in a collision. Always secure cargo.

7 Warning: the forces of a deploying air bag can cause serious or fatal injuries to a child under age 13. The safest seating position for your child is in a rear seat, belted into an appropriate, properly installed child seat, or correctly wearing a seat belt if too large for a child seat. See operator's manual for additional warnings and information on air bags, seat belts and child seats.

8 Optional or part of an option package.

9 Requires the use of ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. Mercedes-Benz Sprinters are approved to use B5 biodiesel (approved diesel fuel with a maximum 5% biodiesel content) in all BlueTEC engines. The only approved biodiesel content is one that both meets ASTM D6751 specifications and has the oxidation stability necessary to prevent deposit-/corrosion-related damages to the system (min. 6h, proven by EN14112 method). Please see your service station for further information. If the B5 biodiesel blend does not clearly indicate that it meets the above standards, please do not use it. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter New Vehicle Limited Warranty does not cover damage caused by non-Mercedes-Benz approved fuel standards.

10 Please see your dealer for warranty information for accessories and upfitted equipment.

11 Driver is responsible for monitoring fluid levels and tire pressure between service visits. See Maintenance Booklet for details.

12 Extended Limited Warranty (ELW) not available in all provinces. Contact your local Mercedes-Benz dealer to verify availability.

13 Not available in all provinces. Please see your dealer for details.

14 The standard, special and metallic paint finishes shown are just a few of the options available for your Sprinter. Special and Metallic paintwork are available as options. Special paint colours include Grey White, Flame Red, Brilliant Blue, Black Blue, Silver Grey, Stone Grey, Graphite Grey, and Jet Black. Metallic paint colours include Amber Red Metallic, Jasper Blue Metallic, Brilliant Silver Metallic, Graphite Grey Metallic, and Carbon Black Metallic.

15 Sign and Drive services (flat-tire change, battery jumpstart, and refueling) will be performed at customer's expense.

16 Towing services are performed at no charge for Mercedes-Benz covered under the warranty.

17 Every attempt will be made by Mercedes-Benz 24-Hour Roadside Assistance to aid a customer. However, the following circumstances may limit our ability to provide service:
  • Restricted Roadway: Many provinces / cities have roadways in which they do not let unauthorized emergency road service in that area to assist.
  • Acts of Nature: Due to heavy snowstorms, flooding, or other acts of nature, the ability to obtain service may be limited or in some cases, unavailable. In these cases, you may be asked to call 911.
  • Vehicle Accessibility: Additional charges may apply for a breakdown location not reasonably accessible from a roadside location, as determined by our authorized technician or roadside service tow provider. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, parking garages that inhibit tow services' ability to access and retrieve disabled vehicles and vehicles at off-road locations.
18 Based on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standard Testing of 2014 model year Sprinter 2500 Cargo Van, 144" wheelbase, standard roof, at 50% load capacity, and at highway/city speeds according to the standards of the “CONTROL OF EMISSIONS FROM NEW HEAVY–DUTY MOTOR VEHICLES [Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations – Part 1037]” as conducted by Mercedes-Benz in September 2013. Combined fuel rating based on driving cycle of 55% city/45% highway. Your actual fuel consumption may vary. Not for comparison purposes. Fuel efficiency test results determined using Government of Canada approved test methods are not available.

19 Lane Keeping Assist may be insufficient to alert a fatigued or distracted driver of lane drift and cannot be relied on to avoid an accident or serious injury.

20 Blind Spot Assist may not be sufficient to avoid all accidents involving vehicles in your blind spot and does not estimate the speed of approaching vehicles. It should not be used as a sole substitute for driver awareness and checking of surrounding traffic conditions. Not available on Cab Chassis.

21 COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST may not be sufficient to avoid an accident. It does not react to certain stationary objects, nor recognize or predict the curvature and/or lane layout of the road or every movement of vehicles ahead. It is the driver's responsibility at all times to be attentive to traffic and road conditions, and to provide the steering, braking, and other driving inputs necessary to retain control of the vehicle. Drivers are cautioned not to wait for the system's alerts before braking, as that may not afford sufficient time and distance to brake safely.

22 Caution: Crosswind Assist can only act within the laws of physics. If the driver exceeds the physical limits, even Crosswind Assist will not be able to prevent an accident!

23 Driving while drowsy or distracted is dangerous and must be avoided. ATTENTION ASSIST® may be insufficient to alert a fatigued or distracted driver and cannot be relied on to avoid an accident or serious injury.

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